Think I have low melatonin baught time release melatonin

Ever since I became sza and even before I had trouble sleep I think always had low melatonin i baught 120 capsules 10mgs each tielme release and I’m going to take two I also heard that it can help protect tolemeras witch is good if you want to live longer I’m trying to get to 100 years old


Be sure to have al l lights out when you want to sleep. It takes 20 minutes to kick in and light destroys melatonin.


Thanks for all the advice yeah I do it but I feel my body doesn’t release melatonin like its suppose to lol

I’m exactly the same. Melatonin calms me down. I’m 36, but my sleep issues started at 25. Melatonin in tablets is the same chemical structure as natural melotonin. So even though it’s synthetic and from a lab, the human body reads it as natural. I think 2-3 mg is enough for me. Sometimes I take 5mg.