Think global. Go global

Unless you are an American. Otherwise people in the developing countries must think global and go global.
The fact is, my copy of computer’s operating system, my copy of religous publication, these important invention and creation are made in U.S.A.
Think global - The world is big! Keep an open mind.
Go global - Travel globally and experience cultural diversity.

Do you think so?

What exactly exempts us Americans from this thinking globally of yours? You say ‘unless you are American’…why should we not think globally as well?

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Look it from this viewpoint is that, if I can reach that far to U.S. living standard then I am standing in the global front line. Most high-tech firm are from there. Hope you get what I meant.

Problem I’ve had the thought of is whether there really are enough resources on this planet for everyone to live at the US standard of living. Not that there isn’t poverty in the US, there is. I think sometimes that we may need to lower these consumerist standards of ours a little bit if there is any hope of what you speak of…

(These thoughts of mine may be a little rusty as I haven’t dwelt on them since my late teens :smiley:)

I’m no fan of my society is all I’m saying…don’t claim to have a solution either…but I never felt particularly inclined towards the American way.

Even though not physically reaping the benefits of living standards in the U.S., I must train and expose myself to have that kind of mentality like yours as American. One fine example from your country is how the people there handle emergency crisis.

Ok, maybe then I should edit my original post. :wink:

no worries man. (20 characters sitting in a row…this one? that one? which will go?)

Noted with thanks.

It’s hard enough to walk across the street to the store.

The world is full of beautiful places and there are so many places where I would like to visit. As in any country America has good and bad, I have listened Bill Gates’s keynote speech in 1997 and then eaten with America’s poorest man who had only his shorts on in Key West. When there was a divorce process in Atlanta and I had no money to hire a lawyer, I started receiving faxes from the mafia offering their money for me, but I did not take their loans. There are so many things I could talk about.

One must remember that many innovators in America have been immigrants such as Albert Einstein, Nikolai Tesla and many others.