Think forskolin supplement permanently changed my mood

ever since i started taking it i feel less anxiouse and low mood is basically gone i feel more confident could be a some sort of placebo tho but i doubt it i think it helped reset my brain after traumatic moment i went through i also took inositol for a couple of days but thats literally all i did that changed my mood and over wellbeing i dont feel anxiouse in social situations as much witch was normal for me in the past . i was hopeing it increases my memory since i was bad . slowly but surely ill recover more and feel good i only have bipolar disorder . currently unmedicated

I read this as “foreskin supplement”.

Still have half a cup of tea in my left lung.



Haha…me too…haha…got a giggle out of me.


Honestly thought the same thing. Thought it might be a joke thread when I first saw it. I don’t know if someone told me forskolin was Dutch for foreskin I’d probably believe it.

“Ja now vee must proceed to cut ze forskolin!”


Sorry, polar1r. Wasn’t poking fun at you. Just that sometimes the strangest things appear on these forums. If it works for you, more power to you. I’ve found medication is crucial for me to function.

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Your right lung typically has better capacity anyway. :blush:

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