\\\|||---|||~Think For Yourself~|||---|||///


It Has Been Said,

‘Think For Yourself And Question Authority’~ Timothy Leary

Question Actual Authority.


For They Are Looking For, (As Miley States),

Looking For BRIGHT MIND’s (!!!)… . … :sparkling_heart: :right_anger_bubble: :sparkling_heart:


Internal/External Freedom.

‘If We Lose Freedom Here, There is No Place to Escape to. This is The Last Stand on Earth’~ Ronald Reagan

There Are Many Doors to Choose.

Light Your Candle And Seek to Find.

Honest. True. Real. Freedom… . … :sparkling_heart: :right_anger_bubble: :sparkling_heart:


Thus Doesn’t Mean Grab a Large Group of Individuals With Endless Rows of Anti Establishment Sign’s.

As Taylor Swift Said, ‘It Must’ve Taken You All Night’.

But!, Real Change.

That Can Benefit All Those in Dire Need of Helpful Assistance.

Sooner Rather Than Later.

But Rushing Solves Nothing. And in The End Helps Very Little.

Jus Mixes into The Cauldron of Confusion, Jealousy, And Hatred.


Step 1.)
A Great Way to Get Started to Find Your Fit in Thus Complicated Puzzle Known as Life.

Within The Solid Structure of Positive Connectivity.

By Searching On Google, For Example, ‘List of Government Agencies’.

On The Top of The First Search Page. You Will See a Large Set of Official Symbols For Many Different Government Metaphoric Buildings.

Search And Seek to Find Where Your Personal Needs Can Be And Do Meet.

And Maybe Get Started On Playing Your Role in Helping Those Psychologically Beneath You With Less Experience.

:sparkling_heart: :right_anger_bubble: :sparkling_heart:

A Film to Celebrate With,

'U.f.o.‘s at The Zoo’~ The Flaming Lips

Thus Christmas


Each And Every New Year’s Eve!.


‘Always Stay True to Yourself And Never Let What Somebody Says Distract You From Your Goals’.~ Michelle Obama

Purity. Positivity. Assertiveness.


:right_anger_bubble: :sparkling_heart: :right_anger_bubble:

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