Thining of learning french

maybe Spanish is more practical but I don’t want to learn Spanish. I was thinking if I spoke French I could travel to French Quebec and maybe to france someday.

I took French in high school but wasn’t much of a student nor do I remember anything from it.

haven’t decided yet, I want to pick up another language though. which will I choose?

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Good idea. Bonne idée.

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There’s an app called duolingo.

Free to use to practice most languages.


Hehe. When you learn French through immersion in Western Canada, they teach you the Parisian dialect of French (the real deal, basically). Imagine my surprise when I went to Quebec as a young exchange student and found their pidgin dialect difficult to understand. I actually have an easier time speaking French with people from Haiti.




I had a similar issue when I learned Spanish from my Mexican cousins then traveled to Spain like I knew everything.

It did not go well.


This is a great app! I learned some Irish/Gaelic and some German from this app. I find it very difficult to learn languages, other than English, so I was impressed by how much easier Duolingo made it for me. Good luck!

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I took Spanish in middle and high school. Can’t really speak it but have a working vocabulary.

I took German in college. What a fun language to learn and to speak. Those 20 letter compound nouns. I loved it.

I know absolutely no French though. I originally signed up for it in middle school when we started foreign languages, but my mom made me switch to Spanish because she said it was easier.


Here was my chain of logic…

  1. Canada has two official languages, English and French.
  2. They are offering French immersion in Alberta schools to encourage Canadians to be fluent in both official languages (which is a GOOD thing).
  3. That they would teach the main dialect used in Canada first and foremost.

Yeah, whoops.


I’m not sure what motivation you have for learning another language: usefulness, practicality, culture or just for fun. I also don’t know if there’s a particular culture that interests you. I speak (well, spoke) fluent Spanish and learnt a small bit of French at secondary school.

The Economist had an interesting article suggesting that learning Mandarin would be a poor ROI from a business approach. They compared it to the '80s when everyone said that Japanese would be the new world language and it has not at all materialized. Their point included that many native speakers, in China, can often not even write basic words anymore because cell phones and word processing programs use a Roman alphabet and context to determine the right character. Not saying I necessarily agree, but it was an interesting take.

I’d say go for German.

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I took two years of French in high school. Not sure why I took French, as it is fairly useless where I live and I don’t see myself travelling to any French-speaking countries anytime soon. I should’ve taken Spanish. It would be a much more useful language, as we have tons of Hispanic people here now. I did learn some Spanish from cd’s that I got from the library. Not enough to really get by on, though.

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I want to learn German. I tried before but get setbacks. I tried Spanish before too but don’t really like it. Like I said i get setbacks.

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I think in order to successfully learn a foreign language, you must find a practical purpose that can motivate you. For instance, ten years ago I was really into anime so I managed to learn Japanese for a while. When my interest in anime dwindled, so did my passion for the language. Now, if I had a Japanese girlfriend, things would be much different :grin:

Get my point?


You must be a smart dude bro.
I learned English from a game (Gothic 2)

Since the illness I’m not so receptive.

I need extra help at leaning a language like duolingo (wich helped me in german until I lost interest) or better a course of a few months (from courses it’s very easy to learn)

I still wasent able to learn French even if I had hours all throw my school years. I also couldn’t learn English from school.

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I found to learn the song lyrics from foreign cultures helps. I learned English and German basics this way.

In school my motivation was to please my teachers and parents, but also to get the respect of my classmates. I was being selfish:) but it worked. I learned French and English then.


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