Things you are totally against

Please don’t make this political or religious.

I’m just curious as to what people are totally against. For example, I have such an issue with infidelity that I will boycott actors/actress, etc. who cheat.

I am also against sushi. Don’t know why, just am.

trap music and industrial music. trap music is so lazy and boring sounding and is overused so badly now (and all the hip hop right now for the most part is lazy lazy lazy music glorifying aggression and depression w no resolution or positive underpinning made by people who are nasty nasty people) and industrial music triggers bad bad paranoia/sensory issues in me :confused:

im also against people sagging their pants. buy some low rise jeans people, they look way better, they fit properly and dont fall down and dont make you look like you’re wearing a diaper. i guess sagging is more of a 2000’s thing though, dont see it much today

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Censorship! :rofl:

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Keto. People use it as an excuse to eat unlimited bacon and wonder why their cholesterol counts are so high afterwards.

Even “responsible keto” raises cancer and heart disease risk.

Carbs are not poison! Humanity flourished on high-carb diets for thousands of years, and obesity was rare up until the 20th century.


Dairy. I love to eat ice cream but it makes me feel sick. I love to eat all dairy in fact but it makes me feel sick so really I don’t love it

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ball stoppers in basketball…haha.

I’m totally against the harming of children in all the ways they can be hurt. Some people should have been steralized if they are gonna be jerks to kids.


Sex trafficking, abuse, neglect, lying, stealing, and abortion.


I’m totally against copy cats.

Like Steve Jobs bought out the iphone and google copied the concept and created android.

Make something original people !

Edit : I use an android phone :frowning:

Is it too political to say I’m mad at Edison for electrocuting animals? Cuz I’m kind of against electrocuting animals.

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Oh yea I’m totally against animal abuse


I’m not too sure what trap music is but I don’t like most rap music. I think it is dumb. People shouting over looped samples. I do like Grandmaster Flash The Message and Coolio Gangster’s Paradise though so there are exceptions but very few. I just don’t get it.

I am against the stigma of how the public media portrays and reports mentally ill movies, etc…a beautiful mind was a good film. others just show mentally ill people as dangerous and murderous. not true …it’s an actual statistic that it is more likely to get struck by lightning as to get killed by a schizophrenic…let that sink in.


If you want Gangster’s Paradise ruined for you forever, check out Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog trailer.

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The way you phrase it reminds me of how scared people are of plane crashes when they are the safest way to travel. I hope the stigma against sz has more hope of fading than people’s fear of plane crashes.

Too much of the news coverage is about dangerous people who happen to have schizophrenia.

I am against accepting made up genders. I only believe in male and female. I won’t accept non binary or made up pronouns like ‘zhe’.

Even though I have sz I feel like schizophrenic people are more dangerous than others. But only those that are very ill or maybe even psychotic.

Also fight club depicted schizophrenia pretty well. I know the guy had a personality disorder but to me it was also schizophrenia.

I was floridly psychotic and was dangerous in intent although whether I would have actually hurt anyone I don’t know as I didn’t before the police intervened. But knowing that there are people walking around the streets with similar psychosis is worrying. That is knowledge that most people don’t have to worry themselves with.
Edit: This was reply to ChaosBiology

I was also dangerous during my second psychotic episode. I had a small knife. :hocho:

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I cannot praise the police enough when they dealt with me. They seemed to know I was not there. I wonder if it would have been different these days with so much knife crime around.