Things that make you worse

You would think cigarettes and caffeine would make you more productive but it’s just not true. These things make me less productive and are a lie. They contribute to my negative symptoms. Energy drinks are a trap, a fake source of energy. I’ve read these things lower dopamine and other chemicals in the body.

I’ve been drinking rockstars. They taste good and give me a buzz. Imagine getting a buzz from walking or reading a good book.

Go green. Green tea, proven health benefits. Lemon water with honey it the morning… Pineapple… All natural boosters. :slight_smile:


I forget that I have to buy some green tea for me. I’ll put a note on my smartphone.

Yeah me too :))


Yeah, just brewed some decaff iced green tea.

Pushing me to do things when I feel no ,can make me worse.

Such as I feel I should not go out but someone pushes me to it or so


Things that make me worse are - arguments, not being allowed to be myself, discouraging people and stress.
Things that make me better are - coffee, favourite foods like pasta, broccoli, spinach, lentils, oats and chocolate, and also what makes me better are supportive people in my life who let me be me and love me as I am. Also books and my budgie and fish. And painting.


Alcohol makes my life worse.


Too much dark and angry music.


My family they all suck

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Jointsssss 1515

Lack of sleep can twist up my mind pretty good.

crowds make me worse

Things that make me worse are: lack of sleep and stress.
Things that make me better are: medications, sleep, healthy food, yoga, meditation, prayer, books and magazines, music, playing piano or keyboard, friends and family, my cat, visits with my nurse and doctors, volunteering, Oblate associations, going outdoors, computer surfing.

this illness makes me worse. Other than that, all in moderation.

Have to quit smoking by end of summer after switching meds.