Things that helped my memory & IQ

I was struggling to find employment. Then I took to ayurvedic alternative therapy which helped my memory & IQ during critical phase of finding employment. But ayurvedic treatment worked for 1 year and then it caused me severe side effects in the form of rapid cycling bipolar depression. I stopped ayurvedic nootropic immediately. Then I took Soy Lecithin in which Phosphatidylcholine is present which very significantly helped my long term memory. Simultaneously I took plethora of diet supplements to improve my short term memory. It did work bit but not quite significantly for short term memory. Choline is the supplement (in the form of Lecithin) which helped me most. Recently I have taken health drink “Complan Memory” and I’m because of God’s grace almost completely back to normal cognition in terms of short term memory and long term memory. It has also helped my IQ to some extent. For experiment I stopped taking Lecithin as “Complan Memory” already contains Choline and I found cognition effect didn’t subside.
I wish my article will help someone.