Things seem too perfect

I’m very suspicious. People tell me to enjoy it but one forum member told me something bad happens when things are too perfect.

Can someone please answer? Anyone relate?

Try to relax. I can relate to the feeling. I’m so used to feeling like shite that I get suspucious when things are going well, and fearful something will take it away.
Nothing lasts forever, not even happiness. Might as well just enjot it while it lasts.

My feelings of happiness seems to last so it freaks me out that I’m going to hell.

I’m not gonna debate you on whether or not hell is even real, but there’s no way of knowing where your soul goes when you die, until you’re dead.

You’re not going to hell, you deserve a break now and then. You’re going to be all right.

I had these horrible debates with myself at the same time I was so ill with schizophrenia. I’m more relaxed now.

Were the debates with how things were perfect?

Not exactly that fear. But I worried about going to hell for sure.

That’s just paranoia. Try to enjoy yourself.

I think happiness is a cycle. As one person told me, a person who is happy all the time is just as unwell as someone who is sad all the time. What goes up must come down. As the others have said, just enjoy your good feelings while they are here.

Why am I always happy if what comes up must come down?

Are your fears of hell happy?

No they’re not.

Then your happiness came down when you began to fear hell.

I think Brendalyn is correct.

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