Things seem eerily perfect

I don’t know if I’m delusional but things seem so perfect now that I’m getting over my delusions.

What to make of this? Like I’m so used to things going in a bad direction that this feels surprising and eerily off.

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I hope you really are getting over your delusions. Glad things seem to be going well.

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Why do things feel so perfect?

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I dunno…I’d say just try to enjoy it while they do.

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How did you or others feel after getting out of the delusional state?

I don’t really remember. It’s been quite awhile.I think I mostly felt just blah like usual.

Hm. I feel different. Like I’m so lucky. But I still don’t know really. It’s just what my dad told me really reassured me to the point where I’m trusting him and don’t feel delusional.


I like it when things are going well, i like to try and spread the joy with people and tell them how good i am doing, it really does lift people :slight_smile:

Lol maybe that’s just what it feels like to be in good mental health :slight_smile:

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Now I’m worried that my family will be killed before I get kidnapped. I don’t think my family died and were replaced by clones anymore.

Oh okay I’m glad your a bit better but none of these things are going to happen. I think you need help at the moment

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I just feel like I’m over one delusion but what if the other one is real?

Does anyone relate to my description: The psychotic episodes are like big punches and thuds and they take a life of their own forcing you to believe it’s all real.

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This all sounds like a delusion I think you should get meds or go to the hospital asap

It’s weird when I say out loud in here that my delusion is gone, it comes back. When I say nothing it goes. Generally.


I feel like that’s happening to you too

When things are too perfect, something bad is about to come

Great so something bad is going to happen? It doesn’t feel that way now.

Maybe not. I’m just saying what i would think if i were in your case

I’m kind of scared now.

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