Things said while psychotic being used against you?

I just woke up from a nightmare about something I wrote during a psychotic episode being read out of context and being used against me. Does anyone else have fears of things you’ve said or done during a psychotic episode being used against you? Has anyone experienced anything you said or did while psychotic being used against you?

Sometimes I wish certain judgmental jerks could be forced into psychosis just to know what it’s like.

Yes. I’ve said and done some really bizarre things that have compromised many relationships and jobs. I’ve even had blackouts during psychosis (no substance abuse) which frightens me.

I find myself saying and doing things I would normally never dream of doing or saying. destruction of relationships usually ensues. Many times I assume theyre cheating on me when later ill come to and realize there’s no way.

I used to have a huge fear that if my family read my journals… they would use them against me to have me locked up.

I would get out of my head angry if I thought anyone read my journals. But the one of the few times my sis did read it…she didn’t use it against me…

I once had a toxic girlfriend once who would use stuff I said against me. Or use some of my actions during an episode to convince me how much a sick person I was. That was a hard relationship to break out of… for both of us.