Things people will always have

People will always be able to compare themselves to the absolute worst in the world.

But who isn’t jack the ripper, or hitler, can’t compare yourself to the worst really.

And no matter how bad your life gets, doesn’t even matter what happens, it’s not africa right, am i right?!

Can’t compare yourself or your life to the worst ■■■■ that has ever happened, or the worst people that have ever been. It doesn’t make sense.

Shouldn’t people compare themselves to the best? It would be more productive actually, and wouldn’t sound absolutely f-ed up in every way possible when you say it.

You can do damage to yourself comparing yourself to the best, also. I don’t even like to think what would happen if I went up against Dan Gable or Cael Sanderson in wrestling. These guys are an inspiration for me, though, because of how hard they worked.