Things my father/mother/significant adult taught me. What about you?

Nah. That was a long time ago. Thanks though. I still want men to like me but I be damned if I sleep with a guy just to gain his attention now.

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I just made my first homemade bread last night. It turned out not perfect but very tasty


Well, you’ve been here awhile and you kinda know us, and so we’re all just pigs to you? I think men can act that way but it doesn’t mean that defines all of us. Women are not dainty, little innocent fountains of virtue, a lot of women do piggish things too, but I wouldn’t say it defines them. With that statement, you make yourself look as bad as the misogynists on here look. I don’t have anything against you but that statement is insulting.

This is what he would tell me, not what I think.

He told me this my whole life.

It’s like all he tried to teach me.

I don’t believe all men are pigs…


Well you survived the bad indoctrination. You’re lucky.


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My dad was horrible to women as I was growing up. I hated men for a long time. He could be as fat as he wanted but let his gf put on a little weight and he’d start complaining all the time about it. When we were in junior high my dad said, “No kid of mine is gonna be fat.” So he began rationing mine and my sister’s food. We both lost a lot of weight. I could feel the bones in my neck poking out and it was physically painful.

He complains that his gf now is fat. He’s never been satisfied with any woman he’s been with ever.

I dunno,

When daughters say their fathers were jackasses, it doesnt make sense to me,

According to my out of my ass logic, daughters are born to couples where the man is more dependent on the woman and therefore more loving to her and vice versa. Sons are born to the opposite, where the woman are more dependent and more loving to the man.

Look at each first born children. A first born son looks like his mother, a first born daughter looks like her father. A second born son looks like his father, and a second born daughter looks like her mother.

Someone discredit this theory, puhLeAse.

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Idk. I’m the second born daughter and I look more like my dad than my sister does. My daughter looks nothing like me or her dad. My son looks a lot like me and my dad. My dad told me once that I look like a short fat Indian

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My grandmother had 4 daughters and 1 son. They all came out different and not one of them looks like my grandparents. My mom (had—she died) and my uncle both have red hair and copper colored eyes. I have my mom’s eye color but don’t look anything like her.

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Scratching my head while I think on this… Nope, your theory still makes no sense…


Yeah. I don’t get it either. Genetics are funny. My sis is dark haired and dark skinned but my niece came out white as a snowflake. I mean my niece has brown eyes and hair but her skin is really light. And her hair isn’t naturally very dark

my mother - women are submissive
from my dad - women are sex objects and nothing more. his pornos used to be all over the house

Holy crap!!! This thread was supposed to be positive. My dad never had porn in the house that I can remember. Well after sis and I were adults I remember seeing like Sports Illustrated like stuff. Women in bikinis. That kind of thing.

He also when I was growing up had Conan the Barbarian comics around the house. Reading a Conan comic was like looking at soft porn anyway.

I was too stubborn to be submissive. When K and I got engaged his dad asked me,”L, are you willing to submit to K’s spiritual authority?” Haha. I just looked at the guy. First of all what spiritual authority? K was not strong in any area of his life except that he was loyal to a fault.

@seasonvivaldi. are you a girl or a dude? Just curious. I do know that the way my dad looked at women really deeply hurt :cry: me as a woman.

Okay there, moonshine beamer.


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My Dad used to say “waste not, want not”. As a teenager I didn’t get it.

We sold worse in the bakery. Premium bread rustic.

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Here’s what it means according to google
If one is not wastefulthen one will not be in need.

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