Things looking up

I actualy had a good day. I woke up took my meds got my tax return back. I put 1500 down on a nice car, bought a ps4 and fallout 4. My little monster was in a good mood and used the potty by himself and learned the last of the alphabet he still thinks O is Q but hes 1 anda half and they do look alike. I felt good all day not because i bought stuff but i felt honestly happy today. I still have the voices but its easier to ignore when im in a good mood.

But then the sun went down and im back to pacing the floor and feeling the dread of my new symptoms. I will take this terror at night i guess if i feel like myself and happy during the day.


That’s good. Happy for you !

I’m glad you had a nice day–I hope your night goes well. When I was learning my letters as a kid, they taught us that the “Q” was like a cat with a tail. Maybe that would help the little guy remember the “Q” or it could backfire and he might ask you for a cat.

It’s good that you had a good day. These are so rare and so fleeting that we should learn to enjoy them, if only for their impermanence.

I remember reading about your new symptoms in another thread. They sound terrible. :frowning:

If I were going through anxiety symptoms at night, I hope that I would talk with my psychiatrist about the possibility that my antipsychotic may have stopped working for me. It has happened in the past that my body has adapted and I’ve needed to switch antipsychotics.

You’re a lucky man. You have a lot of good things in your life and a lot to be proud of.

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