Things I would wish on my enemies

Friends come and go but enemies are forever. Here is a short list of things I wish for the people I hate.

Getting a bit of dried leaf in their tennis shoe one out of twenty times whenever they go somewhere. It makes it all the more annoying when you don’t have it constantly happening.

To only be able to find one sock when going to a snazzy party or reception. I mean they can be close to the same color but not quite there.

Having the small dog that belongs to someone they fancy stick its tongue up your nose. Then when they make a cute joke about it I wish for the small dog to sneeze directly into their open mouth.

I wish that if they get a new boyfriend or girlfriend suddenly their cat likes the new person better than them.

Old milk before the expiration date.

Almonds that taste slightly like walnuts.


I wish for them to go to dinner with a group of people and have the person they slightly dislike order something that turns out to be better than what they ordered.

Cold cream of mushroom soup.

And finally,

getting chased by an otter.

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Only if you allow them to live in your head rent free.
Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

Too many mean bullies in life have extremely poor memory recall,
they seem to forget what they have done soon after,
but, their “victim” remembers it the rest of their lives.

All that aside,
it’s pretty entertaining to bury in the seam of the crotch of their underwear (if you could only get so close)
a slim, but sharp fingernail clipping.
Then watch the fun begin.

I got to watch one squirm the entire day before they suddenly ripped off their clothes in the evening and searched until they found the offending nail, then spent many hours wondering how it got there.

According to my therapist, you let go of the hate, but that doesn’t mean you have to like them. It’s just not liking someone for a good reason.

The only thing that I wish on people who have hurt me is to realize how deeply they hurt me.

I don’t care if they experience the same pain they caused me, or if they can come to an understanding of what they have caused me and truly be sorry for it. The problem with this is that after they’ve hurt me I can’t trust them to be honest if they’re really sorry or not. But I don’t want to reach down to their level and hurt them like they did me,

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Running out of toilet paper when they’re in the middle of , you know what.


hmm that;s difficult…how do you quantify 26 years of horrific abuse? i honestly don’t know…to be left with mental and emotional scars is one thing but to be left with physical scars on your skin that you can do nothing about is quite another…personnally i would like my children’s names carved in to their faces with a blunt razor so that every time they look in the mirror they see them and are reminded of what they’ve done. i wish for them to be gang raped every other month or so that they know it’s coming and there’s not a damn thing they can do about it and i wish for them to be lynched and drag terrified to jsil where they will spend the rest of their natural lives…i wish them to be waterboarded and burnt with ciggarettes like my son was, i wish to give them hobson’s choice, either commit suicide or their children get unimaginably hurt…(not that i would actually wish any harm to a child but they wouldn’t know it wasn;t going to happen) i wish for their genitals to be doused in petrol and toy with the threat of setting them alight…i could keep that going for weeks then i would want it done…i would like them to die a slow and painful death fighting to breathe just like my husband did…sorry if this is harsh but that;s how i feel. flag the post if you want but it won’t change how i fel about my abusers

I pray for my enemies. It tears me up inside if I hold unto the anger too long. There are some days when it feels like the biggest mistake was just walking out the door, but I try to remind myself that we’re all a work in progress. It’s not easy to forgive, but the freedom of being able to leave the destructive and draining emotions behind makes it worth the effort of letting go.

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Whenever I really hate someone I wish for them to experience all the psychic pain I’ve experienced in my lifetime. A lot of people probably have experienced something that bad, so the point is moot.

The most I can do is pray for everyone to be blessed, including those that have hurt me. I feel pissed if i spend my prayers only helping those that hurt me. I feel like it’s not fair to only pray for those that hurt me. I pray for everyone for good things. If i had to pray for people that hurt me only and individually to be blessed I couldn’t do it.

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deleted - misunderstanding

It wasn’t easy for me to do either.

yeah i know I should but I just can’t. I’m glad that you do.

By truly desiring that our enemies will open their heart’s and change so that they will have peace in their lives and be able to live in love with others, is something that not just blesses them, but will be a blessing to everyone else that they come across - and that is something worth praying for.

I don’t mind praying for them to have a change of heart, I’ve done that a couple of times, cuz like you said it helps everyone, including me.

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That is what I pray for, for them to repent and accept Jesus as not only their Savior, but as the Lord of their life.

I was once chased by a mother goose around a parking lot.

I’ve been chased by dogs before. I had to jump up on a fence and the roof of a car.

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nick is the boss.

You take care of these kids while I’m gone ok?

gz on being a park ranger.

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I agree with what @Csummers posted earlier that,

In my opinion, once a person realizes that how they are living is foremost an offense against God, then true repentance can happen if they truly believe. At least as equally challenging as it is for the unbeliever to accept God’s grace, it is for the believing victims to offer it. But as I stated earlier, for me, the freedom of not carrying that hurt around in my head anymore was worth the fight to get myself to let it go, if anything, just to be able to have my own peace back.

I know we can’t make people change, but I think for the most part what we are talking about in this thread are the painful memories that were caused. Some people are best loved from a distance, and the best way that I have found for me to fight back the negative thoughts are with positive ones.

Otters love to play… they also are pretty slow on land. If they’ve just eaten… they nap. Chasing something? That just takes too much work.

I don’t seem to have any enemies… I let them go… erased them from my memory and decided that I don’t have the energy to keep them.