Things I regret

working in the behavioral disorder school,

and not seeing the problems, calling them all normal,
and then being called a c=unt and f=cuking b=itch
and taking it without saying:

Who in the hell do you think you are, you’re not treating me like this,
like every other woman in this room.

Realizing my daughter was scared to swallow pills at age 9,
and instead grounding her.

That I didn’t let the boy who fought with my daughter come over to
her birthday party, even with a gift, ugly Sheri, totally ugly.

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Is this a “post your regret” thread?

If so, I regret ever taking the nootropic Piracetam, which may have given me schizophrenia (I took huge amounts for over a year,) or worsened a predisposition for it.


I took aniracetam. I liked it.

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I liked Piracetam too, but I didn’t take it responsibly. Overdid it, manically.

What does it mean regret :joy:

we think violations of our senses, but I’ve never done drugs.

Just not good at calling all the shots.

Good that you haven’t taken drugs, keep it up.

just haven’t been spontaneous enough to read the signs.

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We all make mistakes. We just have to realize that what we did was wrong and try to get better


I regret like everything I did while psychotic. I regret not listening to my dad and went to a four year university straight out of high school instead of a community college. My dad didn’t have enough money for that but I just disregarded that and went anyways. I feel like such an ■■■■■■■ about it. Part of it was pride and part of it was fear. I was afraid of going to school where I would see anyone from high school cuz I thought they were out to get me and the pride was that I wanted to go cuzit was a hard school to get into so it was to like show off. I really wish I could go back in time and change that. Would have saved a mountain of debt and helped my dad. The only thing I can do about it now is get a job and live at home and pay him back when I finally get a high paying job. There was a dream I had where I thought God spoke to me and I kind of wish I had asked him what he wanted to do with my life like what is my purpose instead of whining about how I was treated at school. I regret ever trusting my mother in any way shape or form. I should have known better based on her behavior when I was little but I was an idiot. I regret every time I ever hurt other people’s feelings because I was a selfish insensitive idiot. There was one time I was on another forum and I said to another guy that even if he saw fire from the sky fall in command he would believe in Jesus and I kept saying he wouldn’t but now I think about and I regret saying that he wouldn’t believe so much it was so stupid and insulting and for no reason. I was just again being an idiot. I have flashbacks that I forget about soon after that make me feel regret and guilt and I can’t go a week without saying “I hate you” out loud to myself. I can’t forgive myself and I sometimes wish I could just die so I don’t have to struggle with these feelings of remorse and guilt like all the time.


Feel love,

feel blessed,

you are a good person.


If I have any regrets I don’t remember them now I always Tried to focuson the positive.
I think the mental suffering is over now
But I think once you hit 60 or 70 then you have to start the physical suffering.

I guess it never really ends until you get to heaven.

Only 2 regrets. Touching a ouija board and caving in to peer pressure in high school that made me act like a jerk and lead me to wrong good people who I cared about that didn’t deserve it just to try to fit in better with people who I shouldn’t have cared about.

I regret things I haven’t done.

I regret hurting this girl who had feelings for me

I regret starting to cut

But the past is the past I must focus on the present.

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