Things i have never tried

Laying in the bed a whole day, slightly depressed and quite confused after certain events of last night, i tried to imagine things that i never did but would love to. That was kind of motivation it’s-not-over-yet list.

  1. I’ve never saw a ballet performance.

  2. I’never tried roasted marshmallows.

  3. I’ve never punched a guy in the face

4.I’ve never been sober on the show. What’s that like. People really like, enjoy?

  1. Never saw a male stripper

6.Never had a sex in the shower. How people don’t break a legs or arms there?

7.Never been across the Atlantic ocean

  1. Never been in Iran

  2. Never tried to read a workbook.Actually this is the place i first heard for it. Is that like a repair guide?


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Good for you that you didn’t do them, they all sound awful.

What can i do, I’m an awful person :imp:

You will eventually see these things and do these things.

I want to know stock market. computers. Other countries, especially the Seine river. How to tie knots. A sense of direction. Greek mythology. How to speak the Spanish language. How to make an ice cream cake.

That’s a nice list. I could use a sense of direction too :unamused:
Someone give me a candle? Or even better, a reflector light?

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You go to cool concerts so don’t feel so bad…

Cool concerts where the bad things happen…

I think what really matter is not where but with who you are.(god I’m so wise)

You are!!! Are you a wise old owel. Age please?

What do you think? ( hint: not exactly an owel’s)

In many ways, yes. But if one uses them effectively, one won’t need to pull them off the shelf at all after a while.

Roasted marshmallows are cool but smores are freaking awe inspiring.

I dislocated something having sex in the shower so I think that it is overated.

I heard you guys have oreo ice cream as well
: ■■■■ the shower sex i wanna ice cream. And marshmallows and smores. :crying_cat_face:

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Thirty four. Close to my age.

I had shower sex once. It was fun and warm and I just like showers anyway. I was laying down so I couldn’t slip. S’mores are gross :heart_eyes_cat:

So what’s the deal? Like, saving the time because you have a sex and a shower at once?

Loool i look like 34?!
That’s enough I’m out of this :imp:

She’s not 34, she’s like 21. Just let it rest.

Hey maybe there can be also a breakfast phone sex. Like you eat your donuts, making a phone call and have sex. Nice! :blush:

That’s young! showers are just relaxing, so if you add sex to it, it’s a relaxing sexy shower.

I have some cop friends that would be into that.

Cops are sexy. The not fat ones