Things could get much worse

I might have to go out on the street and live like a hobo pretty soon. I think that is what the people in town want. I’ve given myself a case of sciatica, so if I don’t get over it pretty quick I might not be able to walk as much as I have in the past. Skid row is not really a good option for me. I’m hoping I still have my food stamps. That’s the only thing I need to hang around skid row for. I’m pretty angry and bitter about all this. They’re trying to human traffic me, and I am extremely angry about it.

Who’s trying to traffic you?

Just about everybody. Some of them are Christians who have been promised a share of the money I would make from selling my body to old men. God save me from Christians like that. I say this without pride, but I’m pretty good looking, and it seems like older men absolutely cannot resist me. I find that horrible. They are willing to offer me large sums of money if I become a male prostitute for old men. It’s been going on for a long time. The gays are horrible about this. Their attitude is that I am going to become gay no matter what. I hate that. It certainly is bitter to find out that women aren’t impressed by me, but gays and old men find me irresistable.

Hey Crimby I’m worried about you. Is there anyone you can call like pdoc for these thoughts or even 211 for housing?

I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. To be safe, see your pdoc or at least a therapist to do a reality check and find out if it’s really happening

I’m living in an assisted living center for the mentally ill, so I am well taken care of for now. But I am getting very hostile signals from a lot of different directions. I know it sounds too incredible to be true. I wish it wasn’t true. I’m only going to go back onto the street if I am absolutely made to. I’m 62 years old, soon to be 63, and my health is waning. I would be very vulnerable on the street.

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They are a part of those that want to traffic me. When I’ve gone in there spitting fire in the past I got put on Haldol. I hate Haldol. I’ve learned not to do that, but when I am amiable I’m not getting closer to a satisfactory solution for myself.

I don’t think your therapist or pdoc are in on it. I was trafficked at 19 years old. Your experience seems more delusional to me. Please don’t take offense to that. I’m just trying to help you reality check

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I’m not offended, or even frustrated. This has been going on for so long that I am numb to it.

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Ah, I see. Is there a trusted staff member you can tell about these hostile vibes? You should feel safe at home. Maybe there are some ways to help you feel better at home.

I do feel secure in my own room. It’s nice. But I’m afraid they are going to try to send me to another assisted living center. The quality of these places varies. If that happens I will go back on the street. I might try to get into public housing, but I don’t know what the chances of that are. Everyone in that town hates me because I refuse to let them human traffic me.

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Good heavens Zannah that’s horrible, sorry you had to go through that

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If I ever got any money I would donate some of it to fight against human trafficing. The guys behind that are subhuman.

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