Things are still great...just happy for now

doing so good right now…caught up on insulin money…extra money for burgers and groceries…and it’s still the middle of the month …lots of food stamps too…so we are good…I know I complain about money so some of you might say something bad but you can’t hurt me…I am happy.


That’s good to hear. We can all do with a little extra every now and then. :slightly_smiling_face:


I apologise for my smoking comment from a couple of weeks ago.

I realise that you tell us about giving up smoking so that it can motivate you to stick to it. It makes it real and serves to try and make you stick to it, however it goes.

Good luck in your endeavours. :slight_smile:


I’m glad you are doing good and are happy.


Always good to have some money in your wallet.



Great! I’m glad your needs are met for now

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Glad you’re on top!

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oh thank you everyone…it would be nice to keep selling paintings but on top of the cost of materials there is stress related to making the pieces too…wore me out…so now I will do leather craft.

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I have some money in the bank saved since giving up smoking but have another dental appointment next week. Goodbye savings.

Enjoy it while you can Jukebox.

@Sarah I refuse to support a dentist. They were drill, drill, drill until I just quit going to them altogether.

@jukebox , I know it is so nice when money is not an issue.

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@chordy , I have decided to have all my teeth pulled and dentures fitted. Hopefully this will reduce any future dental expenses.


You’ll love gumming your food down. It’ll taste better.

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Lol, thanks @Chordy. I am petrified enough at the thought of doing this. Thankfully I am single.

Your husband would still love you.

My ex husband @chordy. I doubt he ever loved me even when I had nice teeth.

Well, your next bf will know better.

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