Things are going good

I’m happier, taking more initiative, working more and doing more around the house. I’m 4 months sober. I want to focus on productivity for 2019. I beat myself up because I never feel like doing anything for very long and im overall bummed out that I dont have the motivation of a normal person.


Great to hear! @Samuelmcc

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Sounds like you’re doing pretty good. Keep at it. Hope things continue to improve for you.

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Sounds good! Keep busy is always good. Set little goals and reward yourself for getting them done. Things like regular exercise is good for your health and can help with motivation! Keep on keeping on!

Great job @Samuelmcc!

You are inspiring! Sobriety is hard work, and you’re doing it! Awesome!! Hoping the best for you in 2019 @Samuelmcc!

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