Things are bad in Puerto Rico

It’s not as bad a hurricaine as Maria was, but this current hurricaine has dumped 30 inches of water on the island and brought down the electric grid. They haven’t been speaking in terms of loss of life, but it is probably significant.


That really sucks. I will have a look and see what’s going on.

These things are either getting worse or we’re just starting to hear about them more

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They’re saying things are getting worse, and it is due to global warming.


Yeah tropical storms/hurricanes are nasty. The way things are going we are getting way worse weather events every year. We had one early this year that dumped metres of water. Usually we talk millilitres. It’s nuts. Hope the people are ok.


So far, two dead.

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I imagine that the death toll will rise as they start to clean up the mess, but so far two dead isn’t too bad.

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