They're scapegoating helpless and vulnerable people

They’re selling milk really cheap in Wal Mart, so I had some extra food stamps this month, and my grocery cart was loaded down when I was checking out. There were these people behind me acting like we need to cut food stamps again. They were mad because I refused to go along with their heinous plans for me. There are a lot of people with their asses hanging out because of what they are trying to do to me. If they want to play hard ball I can do that too. I might catch hell for a while, but in the end the rule of law has to prevail. When it does I’ll show them that I can hurt them too. I’ve never seen anything more cowardly. People can’t face the moral implications of their actions, so they’re taking their anger and frustration out on vulnerable people.

We are a violent species.

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And yet violent people act indignant when people get violent with them. Sometimes it is like they’re beating a ten year old boy, then getting angry when he raises his hand to defend himself. They strike at other people, but when people strike back it’s no fair.

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Hi @crimby

I think part of the reason for it is people don’t know your situation and have no patience to stop by the cashier and wait.

We cannot change people, let alone help them understand.

The best thing to do is do your grocery at Walmart when there will be the least people. I know this is harsh but it’s the reality.

People might think you are being cheap and using coupons or price checking, they have no clue usually.

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If I could I would. If I had my preferences I would do my grocery shopping at 2:00 am. As it is, the people at Wal Mart have to endure my presence for about an hour a week.

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I use Food Stamps, and it scares me that others may confront me for whatever.


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I really don’t think we are putting very much hardship on the public. We have the ability to produce a huge amount of food. The social welfare agencies are not the giant, money grubbing agencies people think they are. Our portion of the budget is not that high.


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