They're killing me

Sick and vomiting every morning for months on end now

Slow kill

The body wasn’t made for this.

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Me too but
Sleep attacks for may be 2 years :cry::cry::cry:
It is agony

You can take otc antivomiting every morning
No harm in that

You should see a doctor and make sure you don’t have leukemia or something.

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I used to get that from alcohol withdrawl. nowadays im puking with acid reflux when in bed. I do a couple of pint of milk at night most of the time.

might be good to get checked, it might be h-pylori and it takes a course of antibiotics to treat it,

@Daze your chest may just be a cyst or something

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Thanks for replies.

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Have you talked to the doctor about the vomiting? That’s pretty concerning.

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