They're killing a tree

in my neighborhood today.

It might be infested.

So sad to see it go down.

Long life to you, ash in your bloom.

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They basically destroyed ten trees in my neighborhood, the city hall handed the “tree cutting decisions” to a private company and they’re just chopping down trees all over town, it’s really sad

Yes, it’s so sad, my other neighbor chopped down his front one and planted a new, but why???

I mean, my neighborhood has only been in existence since the 70’s.

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Yeah, chopping one down to plant another doesn’t make any sense.

There was this a hundred year old eucalyptus near my grandparents house, also destroyed, but chopped in pieces like they were mad at it for some reason

yeah, I think a lot of people will chop down their apple trees, cuz of nuisance. I love 'em.

I have one in my backyard, they are low to the ground, and the robins love them for nesting.

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I’m gonna fruit picking in a few days, apples, pears, figs and blueberries :slight_smile: I just love fruit trees

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Yummy, people think figs are these like fig nutons, like the cookie, they don’t know they are actually quite large.

figs were Biblical at one time, misinterpreted as apples, but actually Eve tempted Adam with a fig. I don’t even know if apples were around then.

Didn’t know that about adam and eve. I really like figs, one of my favourite fruits, yummy

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I’m in Midwest, so mainly apples here, some pears, but also count on Florida to deliver during the winter for oranges.

I love lemons too, and eat them all the time with tea, and with stir fry and certain fishes.

Hope you have a good time pickin’.

Thanks! I’m from Portugal, I live in Lisbon but have a family house in the country side which is where I’ll be fruit picking :smiley:

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my daughter just got back from Brazilia.

she loved it. I bet you have many to choose from with the fruits, we here get lots of them, especially bananas.

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