They're going to kill me or harm me or?

I was bewildered and confused
and terrified but after the new med
“nozinan” i am much better.

Is that the fourth AP you are taking in the mix?

I am doing fine. Symptom and side effect free.

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Yes fourth.
I was taking it in the past again with
another psychiatrist

Oh ok.

I am thinking, something ought to work…you are on four APs, that is a lot…

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Yes for now.
If i get stable again we will lower doses again.
What docs would do in a hospital?

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If you end up going to the hospital, then you ought to try Latuda. It is a newer medication and is rated highly.

Saphris and Ziprasidone may also work.

You read reviews online? Some people say, “nothing worked for me for 10 years and then came so and so medication which wiped my symptoms out”.

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No one has tried 15 APs.
Even if i would take these new meds,
they would stop working after a while.

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I have tried almost 15 APs.

They stop working after awhile because it is most likely a placebo effect, meaning they don’t work to begin with.

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Yes sure.
So why not unmedicated?

Absolutely. If they don’t work, they are useless.

Let me say this, I was on Clozapine, too. Doctors are hesitant to change Clozapine because it is given to people who are usually treatment resistant. But if a medication works, then you aren’t treatment resistant.

In other words, your psychiatrist has given up…he thinks nothing can work. But, you my friend, it is your life…you have to find a way. If nothing works, try homeopathy.

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Read this:

Homoeopathic management of Schizophrenia: A prospective, non-comparative, open-label observational study Oberai P, Gopinadhan S, Sharma A, Nayak C, Gautam K - Indian J Res Homoeopathy (

Meds help a bit.
Without them I would be locked up.
This is what i fear.

It’s my life and my body and my mind.
I should have the right to choose
and try to quit all meds.
My psychiatrist and my family
are against it

But, what is wrong in trying Latuda?

You have to try something if you are not well.

My pdoc says haldol is the best med.
Yeah but it doesn’t work.
I take the monthly injection.
It never kicks in.
I’m waiting and nothing

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I have taken haldol. It didn’t work at all for me.

Your psychiatrist has an opinion…don’t believe it.

How not to believe him?
He is old and experienced and i trust him

But, how can he know it is the best medication?

There is no science supporting that conclusion.

It’s just an expression.
He means it’s one old, powerful, tested,
ap and his patients react well to it.

Well i am not statistics.
I am treatment resistant

But, it is not working bro. It has been tested upon you. Would you be on 4 APs and still having symptoms if it were working?

Keep homeopathy in mind. There is science supporting the use of homeopathy along with your APs.