They're going to kill me or harm me or?

No, nothing.
Maybe it’s demonic war.
I don’t know who they are.
I am scared.
I wish i could sleep

okay, well that is a stereotype, that we fight demons,
either real or imagined.
I’ve seen my share of devils
in my lifetime,
but they have been real people,
so that’s why I asked.

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If you believe in Demons, and Lucifer; maybe try praying to calm yourself, ask your God for help.

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I ask my Goddess for help.
It’s not just simply demons that attack me.
I fear also men who would kill me

I understand some of what your going through.
I also see a link between the schizophrenic and demons. Demons including Lucifer, come up quite often in schizophrenia as a whole.

Also, “someone wanting to murder me”; comes up in schizophrenia as well, quite often.

Do you have a PRN medication you can take to combat the paranoia?

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Yes, I called my psychiatrist in the morning
and he upped chlorpromazine from 300 to 600mg.
Also, a week ago i had my haldol shot.
Hasn’t kicked in.
Also, we upped clozapine. But hasn’t worked yet

Think deeply about this:

The angle of the dangle is inversely proportional to heat of the meat and directly proportional to the axis of the maxis.

You wanna make me more crazy?
What is this?

If I tell you more about it, you will not think deeply about this…

I think your having psychosis.
Do you have someone you can call, to clear up what is going on? Help you get a handle on reality?


Now it’s bedtime.
If anything should be done,
It will be in the morning.
I’m thinking of hospital.
I need a safe place, before
I lose touch of reality.

Good luck to you.

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what in Thee hell? insincere.

If he thinks deeply about it, and really deeply about it, then he is out of the show. This is what I am suggesting. He should try to distract himself.

ohh, so, complexity makes it easier?

Well, if he thought about it, he wouldn’t think about the voices for that period. But, he chose to sleep, which is also good for him.

I agree somewhat, but you don’t Think about voices,

they just happen, and it can be scary as sh-it. I don’t know,
he said he’s got headphones on.

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why do the voices seem so real when there is really nothing to prove they are real. Yes we hear them but there is nothing else about them that are real. Those voices couldnt kill you no matter how hard they tried. They really have no power over us, all they ever do is talk but nothing ever happens what they say for like anybody. They are cowards who think they are big cause we cant see them, but really they have no power over us…

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Yes, but they do have power over us.
I don’t know how.
Good morning guys.
12 hours of sleep


I used to sleep half my life on Clozapine as well.

Good morning, how are you doing?

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