Theyre coming soon MIB

Ive been running and hiding for years and now my friend that everyone says isnt rfeal is telling me its time and that they are ready to take me and question me and they may kill me. You know ive always been begging for death but I really dont want to die.

AH man that’s not true at all. Your “friend” doesnt sound like a good person at all.

It’s just the med change. Forget the world for a while and relax. No one has it out for you. Sorry dude you aint special regardless of conspiracy theories or schizophrenia.

Unless your dumb enough to make a bomb threat or something along those lines you’re gonna be just fine.

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That’s always the big come back isn’t it well why do you feel you are so special that they’d wanna watch you? I didn’t choose this!

I’m just a crazy schizoid but I know it’s not real.


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I’ve gone into radio stations for answers and all they did was cross examine me who are you? Why would they be after you? What have you done? It’s radar. It’s surface aperture radar but also brain frequency surveillance. I’d what this guys got going on but I just ask that you see beyond your limited scope.

Like I’m somehow responsible it’s ridiculous

my friend is an alien and the men in black want me because ive been in contact with aliens for a long time. ive seen them before outside me window but they vanish and thwen no one believes me.

Maybe spirits instead of aliens.

ive questioned my friend about what he was and he kept saying he was and alien he doesnt vanish the men in black vanish and they frighten me

Thatspopular right now though to say I’m an alien I’m a vampire I’m a super lifeforms it’s just a way of talking

Yeah dude there ain’t no aliens down here. There is no shapeshifting or anything like that. No men in black in that sense.

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Well there are bad guys but think of the good guys like Edward snowden

I know whats real and whats not and theyre all real.

Then you don’t know whats real. Never stop questioning your beliefs.

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You’re suffering from delusional thinking. It’s not real. I suffered from very similar delusions up until I got a proper treatment regimen going. Your brain is behaving poorly and spilling stuff it imagines into your every day thinking. There are very good treatments that help fix this, but it starts with you seeking medical treatment. Just share what you are experiencing with the nurses and doctors and follow their advice. You can be living a normal, terror-free life sooner than you believed possible.

Best of luck mate. Been where you’re at and it’s a HUGE pile of suck.

(Fellow schizophrenic and former alien fugitive.)


So not helping.

Maybe delusions and hallucinations? Think about it.



well my meds are being switched around so maybe im just getting caught up in my delusions but im still suspicious.

Are you on any neurostimulants right now? Like methamphetamines? Or crude anti-depressants? Or even a lot of caffeine?

I’m asking because this particular kind of delusionality sounds just like that particular kind. BUT… in whatever event, I hope you’ll keep this post somewhere are check it out again when you’re back down on the field so that you can see – from down on the field (and not up in the air) – that this is what happens when we get too stressed.

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I’m sorry you’re so uncomfortable. Probably the best bet is to be brave and look to your psych medications for help.


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