They'd like me to go home

Historically I’ve had (mental) health pros making decisions that suit them but we’re not at all right for me. No more. It should be what’s best for me, not what suits them. I matter. I deserve better.

Luckily I’ve got my s/dau in my corner now. She’s adamant, quite rightly,that a suitable care package is in place before that happens.


Man, you just had major surgery. You’re going to need help for some time. It’s crazy that this even has to be asked for.


Best of luck @firemonkey i hope you get what you need to be able to go home

Hey @firemonkey, come on here and vent as much as you need to, we’ll shoot support back your way.


p.s. About that old hip, if you’re not using it…

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It’s on both mental health and physical heath grounds that my s/dau wants a good care package in place for me.

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I think they ground it up and used it for one of the lunch time choices.

That’s depressing and likely correct. I’m sure they steamed all the flavour out of it first, too.

When you’re below par,for whatever reason, and in hospital,good nutritious food should be a no brainer.

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Unfortunately, with covid precautions, there’s almost no help offered after surgeries. Last October my grandmother in law had a hip replacement and they sent her home with a follow up a week or so later and zero plan for nursing care. They just expected family to stay with her 24/7. Luckily I was available, because literally everyone else had to work. And she was in some serious pain and barely able to get around. I had absolutely no business being her caregiver. But they wouldn’t let her stay at the hospital after 2 days and the only rehab facility available had an active covid outbreak.

And that was when things were generally getting better. ■■■■ is ■■■■■■■ terrifying out there right now.

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Happy New Year, Tim!

You are a great fellow and you deserve to be treated with respect and to receive the best care available, or better.

I should have my wisdom teeth removed but I’m too afraid to go see a dentist. You are very brave, the hip replacement surgery hasn’t quenched your sense of humor.

Keep strong.

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