They won't stop worshipping knowledge

Knowledge, it’s one of the most seductive idols that there is.

Makes them feel big as usual.

But it was never anything without one very important ingredient.

Without this ingredient all that knowledge is is war and slavery, it will never be a good thing without this one very large ingredient.

You know they have a laser cannon now, it’s a laser cannon, need i say more? It’s a laser cannon. For some reason people think that is good, as if they were all on the right side of the laser cannon. Not to mention as usual it will end up in the hands of everyone, like the a-bomb, it always ends up everywhere.

Knowledge could have been so good for people, so very good for them, but all that happens without this ingredient is laser cannons.

All that it ever was was a lifeless statue that they kneel to, it has no life in it but they worship it whole heartedly, and it constantly screws everyone over.

It won’t be long before that cannon is on a satellite, people are going to start disappearing quicker than ever before.