They were so excited about my daughter at the clinics

What could they say

everything going great.

It made all the difference.


When was your daughter diagnosed with MS? How old was she?

It’s cystic fibrosis, honey.

She was diagnosed at 7 and a half months.

It had been something I was ready for, since she wasn’t well.

The life has been exceptional, considering the odds.

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just look at who posts or comments

it’s terribly discouraging.

How is she doing @Daze ? Does she have your strength of character ?

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Well i’m glad that they said everything was going okay for your daughter. Cystic fibrosis is hard to live with, but it sounds as though you’ve got it all under control.

thank you kindly for any and all replies

my daughter earned her B.A. in

Child, Adult and Family Services from Iowa State University

around the same time she started going to the adult clinic

for her health, so she took over in that area

her favorite way of staying healthy is playing soccer

there were several seasons where she was the only girl on the team

she’s been married for 2 years to the greatest guy ever

and they have 2 dogs. She’s on her own insurance thru her job, United, I think,

has to pay a few thousand before it will kick in. I used to do all kinds of fundraising

for research, not so much anymore.


she didn’t really officially move out of her bedroom here at the house

until I asked her to, so now it’s my craft room

but the sentiment over Phil might mean she won’t stay here again

I prefer a male only forum.

what in the hell is wrong with you?

I don’t appreciate your negative comments.


@Chess24 Your recent posts are very offensive. That was uncalled for.


Oops. My bad. 15151

no big deal @Loke

I know you care

everybody has a battle in one way or another.

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