They were just men, not gods!

Right before I got sick I read a lot and looked at art books. I thought those artists were godlike! It’s taken me thirty some odd years to realize they were just men. John Keats, William Blake, Edvard Munch, Anton Chekhov we’re my heroes. They were largely a product of their environment. My life was lacking in opportunities. :frowning:. But not so much, I was a disobedient boy who desperately needed a strong male figure in my life.


I had to make my own opportunities.

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You’re my hero vel.

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@Jinx " Be your own hero ! Make a difference everyday ! Show the world in your own way you are your own hero, and be calm thru it with focus. People will notice. Just one kind act per day or more there is no limit to be your own hero. :slight_smile: "

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