They want me to wait on them as long as possible

The way it goes is this: I’ll be in the back of the van, and the guy sitting next to me will move up to the door and exit with no problem. Then I will start to move up, and this girl in the front seat will make small indications that she wants to leave ahead of me, which I acknowledge. I back off from my indications that I want to leave the van before her. Then, after I back off, she backs off. So then I start towards the door, and I move out ahead of her because what she is doing is trying to make me wait on her as long as possible. She gets annoyed when I go ahead a press ahead of her. I don’t mind waiting on somebody, but when their intention is to make you wait as long as they possible can I get really annoyed. If I give in to all this waiting I will wait half my life away. I’ve been through that kind of agony before, and I refuse to go through it again.

Can you sit in the front of the van?

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Sounds like a serious case of overthinking. Just open the door and go out.


I feel more comfortable in the back. I’m intensely self conscious around people, and I like to stay out of eyesight as much as possible. But then again, I might try that.

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Well if you’re in the back, you should expect to wait for the others who are closer to the front than you. If you want off first, sit in the front

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I know, but what happens is that she moves towards the door, and I stand back to let her out. Then she backs off and starts fussing with her stuff in the front seat. When she does that I press ahead and get out, and she doesn’t like that. If she would just get off the van and not play games I would have no trouble waiting on her, but she wants me to wait on her as long as possible.

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It is customary to get off last when you sit in the back. Maybe you can ask her to get her things ready before it is time to get out of the van? It sounds to me like she is just nit aware of how much time she takes getting her things in order before leaving. Does she maybe have anxiety over forgetting things, and like to check her belongings to make sure she has everything?

She wants me to wait on her as long as she can make me. I wouldn’t mind waiting on her if she wasn’t playing games. A lot of women want me to wait on them. I suppose that being as poor as I am, and the way I put myself forth, I shouldn’t be surprised, but I know that if I give in to it I will have to wait and wait and wait. I’ve gotten used to having my time to myself.

Let’s no get sexist. It sounds more like you’re reading things that aren’t there


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