They took my kids

So, long story short. A little over a week ago I had what I’m going to call a severe episode. I ended up being forcibly removed from my house and sedated with what must be pure magic in needle form. I mean I don’t know what that stuff that was jammed in my shoulder was but it had me believing I was a god in the form of a dot for two days. When I finally came around I realized I was in the hospital, naked and covered in my own piss with my ankles and wrists strapped down tight.

Anyways while laying in my own filth I quickly realized my kids were nowhere around. Come to find out that after I was taken down by an excessive number of cops they took my kids away and put them in foster care. My wife already went to court once and she was able to convince them to let her boss take custody of my kids for the time being. So I just got out of the hospital today and came home to my cat dead laying on my living room floor. And on top of the cat being dead it turns out that because of my condition my wifes boss doesn’t want me at his house and he doesn’t want to bring my kids to my house. So basically he doesn’t want me to be around my own kids or my own family. So what can I do? Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing? This is the worst week of my life and its all my fault. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

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Jesus, I am sorry for this.

Your poor cat! I can’t believe your wife did not take the cat with her?!

Being psychotic is one thing, being violent is another. If you were strapped down and taken forcibly, you must be a danger to those around you? And they let you out in a week?!


What happened to get you to that point? Why were you forcibly taken in?

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Oh my wife was taking care of the cat. The cat was sick and vomiting for a couple of days before today. So I think he was just way sicker than I thought.

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I hope your kids are safe and happy now. If you are psychotic, they should not be around you.
Are you taking medication?


So I just wanted to share that I was in a similar situation in 2014. I was not taking my meds, was psychotic, threw my husband out and was not taking very good care of the kids. I called 911 on myself talking nonsense to the cops about 5 or 6 times before being thrown in 5150 psych ward. My husband took my kids and filed for divorce while I was in the hospital. He got custody and I had visitation. I needed to get well anyway and stabilize on my meds for about a year anyway. Fortunately for me my husband did a great job with the kids & when I stabilized we reconciled. I wish the best for you. It could take awhile to stabilize but try to focus on wellness. I hope you get your children back!


I think what got me to that point was stress. I mean I went pretty far down the rabbit hole and I knew it so I called the crisis line. The crisis line people in turn called the cops to my house. When the cops arrived I was hysterical and screaming about the blood on the walls. Well that is not something you should be telling cops about. So as you would expect the cops wanted to get in my house. Next thing you know im underneath 6 cops with a needle jammed through my shirt and into my shoulder.

Why couldn’t your wife keep the kids?

I was forcefully hospitalized 3 times and my wife and son were never disrupted. My son was in high school though and nobody felt I was a danger to anyone but myself.

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The kids welfare has to come first. We are adults, we can care for ourselves or at least to some degree. If not, we get help or learn. If we can’t care for ourselves than we have to get that help or face the consequences. But kids are kids and need stability. safety, and care because they can’t take care of themselves.

You can do things to make yourself a better parent and get trust back. I am just a stranger to you, but you may have to face that maybe raising kids is not possible for you, no matter how much you love them. I could be wrong, but like I said the kids need to be put first. Maybe you can take parenting classes or possibly something else to help you and aide you in raising kids. I obviously don’t know your whole situation. I don’t know if your story was just a one time thing where you have been a fine parent and the story you tell us was just an accumulation of stress or pressure and you cracked. I have no idea, but you don’t have to convince me, you have to convince CPS.

It may take all your energy and effort just to get your own self together. You need to be able to care for yourself before being able to take care of your kids. You may be the nicest guy in the world with good intentions and your kids probably love you dearly but that isn’t solely enough to raise kids. Mental illness is cruel, we all have limitations because of it that we can’t ignore.

It’s not your fault you have a mental illness but it’s up to you to play the cards you were given and make informed decisions about your life. Everybody needs help at some point in their lives. But as schizophrenics unfortunately, we usually need more help that than the average Joe walking down the street. I don’t wish you bad or judge you but you have to put the kids first. Good luck.


At the time the cops came my wife was in the hospital for depression.

I am sorry to hear that. I hope the two of you can recover. Don’t give up and keep trying different meds until you find some that work. It took me about 7 years to find the right mix of meds. It’s not perfect but I am stable.

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This is what psychotic mental illness does, especially when it is untreated. It is extremely destructive and wreaks havoc with peoples lives. It cannot be overstated how destructive it is. You have very serious problems. You probably need to be on antipsychotic medication for psychosis.

This story you just described is shocking and you need help badly.

All I know is that it has certainly wreaked havoc on my life. See the thing is that I am on antipsychotic meds. They have me on risperdal and vraylar. I just wish I knew what all my triggers were.

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The reason they took my kids was because there was noone to watch them. I tend to isolate and as such have no friends. And since my wife is in the military we moved here about a year ago and we have no friends or family nearby. So since my wife was in the hospital and I was taken to the hospital there was nobody to watch my kids. Im hoping I will be able to get custody back soon. They have really been through alot and I haven’t even been able to see them since I was hospitalized. My wifes boss doesn’t seem to want me anywhere near them.

This is going to sound really harsh, but I think it’s probably best, for the time being, for you to not see them until you’re stable. Your wife’s boss is responsible for them and I’m sure they’re being well taken care of. I know it’s extremely difficult to go without being able to see your kids, but until you’re stable and healthy I think it’s in the best interest of your kids. They don’t need to see you like that and when they see you again you want to be able to tell them you’re doing better and they have nothing to worry about. They don’t need the stress if feeling like they don’t know what’s going on one moment to the next and you’re unpredictable.

Right now they need stability.


I am rather surprised your wife isn’t discharged from the military for depression yet.

My wife is currently undergoing the med board process to be medically retired.

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Is this your first thread ever on this forum? bing like that you are delusional and lose your kids and all this drama that may not be true…how long have you been on this forum.?

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This is my second thread. I just recently found this forum. I’m on this forum because I’m diagnosed schizoaffective and thought that this would be a safe place to talk about things and my experiences. I can assure you that none of this is made up and it pains me very much not to have my children.