They took a biopsy

Thanks @Moonbeam and @PatrickT.


Good luck, Nick. You’re a great guy. Try not to worry, for that won’t alter the outcome. Easier said than done, I know.


yes @Moonbeam my last colonoscopy had three out of five precancerous polyps so they told me to come back in five years…sorry for asking I feel like an idiot. ofcourse I should probably get the colonoscopy but my first went badly. I was awake for the first minute of the procedure and it wasn’t pleasant…I am afraid to go…my reasoning is it took 51 years to grow precancerous polyps so why would they come back in five years? nope, don’t answer that…I should talk to my doctor…you’re right. sorry for rambling.

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Hope for the best Nick. You will be fine. :hugs::hugs:

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Thank you @anon80629714.

I woke up part way through my colonoscopy and swore at the doctor and nurse. :smile:


I bet that made their day.

Ha! They increased the sedation to shut me up. :upside_down_face:

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