They should pin a metal on us for Recovery

no thanks, or welcome back too reality , no metal of honor, and if your real lucky oh f*ck off and die. if the real world cared we would not get throned to the wolfs. no we should get a pin of recovery given to us,.in honor of are good manner of bravery and judgement. don’t you think.


I have learned since i got out of hospital almost 8 + half years ago i have had next to no support from local mental health service,social workers(never had one/offered one) or really any finacial support from my Govt.I have been left to fend for myself.working etc when i wasn’t well enough/didn’t want to do that particular job.But it is something iam used to know and luckily iam stable enough to run my own business and take care of myself.

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I agree. Like I’m fond of saying : “The more help you need the less you get AND the less help you need the more you get”

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Except I’ve been fortunate in my experience I used to get a lot of help when I needed it. Now my pdoc is just like “don’t come back here unless u need meds” not in those words but yeah.

Sorry you’ve had a bad experience with this. I guess my pdoc is pretty good if he doesn’t do this.

I’ve heard you say this a lot I think it’s sometimes true.

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Nobody will give you a medal for restoring yourself to normalcy. If they did everyone who was normal would expect to have one and the medal would be cheapened somewhat. Congratulations anyway.

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My mom gave me a hug the other day for trying. That’s enough for me.

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Ain’t that the truth!:grinning:

I agree 100%, I made a thread similar years ago…!

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