They screwed up my prescriptions

Yeah I have always questioned my label, but I have also been on a two month injection and take 40 mgs of strattera a day; this past two weeks that has been hell has also been the past two weeks they messed up my refills. I don’t know why but I always text to send in the refill and the pre-auth pharmacy had to call, they say they keep calling and faxing it over. Then the pharmacist said she was looking at the wrong pre-auths like what the hell is going on…they kept pushing and pushing me to take this stupid injection and now Ive been on it a year and yeah I have gained weight and etc. while I have been losing weight these past two weeks, Got a sleep study done and found out I have sleep apnea. It’s been the most overwhelming past two weeks of my entire life kind of…I’ve been taking vitamins, magnesium, water, etc. but nothing is stopping my depression and ringing ears and the overload of sensory input. I am angry and upset. I feel used and imprisoned in a world where I will never belong and never make sense and I am not ok and its not ok to feel better because I have to pay to feel better i have to pay to feel happy. I have to buy-in to the world of medication. And I really need to feel better but then I got two readings that mirrored each other by two complete separate people that told me my health would suffer some new depression etc. and suggested following my intuition…

I don’t feel valued because I am highly spiritual and everything I think or believe philosophically or otherwise has been demeaned and patronized and then put next to my mental health status, but I truly want to feel better…and now instead its the pill that has become the quick fix and easy option instead of learning to control my impulses and emotions which I feel will be impossible I am scared.

I guess I shouldnt be asking a “Pro-medication” forum about a “Pro-Choice” topic…

This forum is pro med. You’re free to go somewhere else to talk about your med choices, but please know we want to support you, but we have to be within rules that keep the most vulnerable members safe.

I think we all have things we want to share in this community, but its not always appropriate to do so. Be it spiritualality or medication choices, the issue is that a lot of people with psychotic disorders lack insight, and we can be easily triggerd from very triggering subjects.

I’m sorry they screwed up your meds. That’s pretty frustrating considering you don’t even want to be taking them in the first place. It’s like adding insult to injury. Hopefully they get it fixed.

When did I say I didnt want to be on medication?

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You yourself called it a choice. Im not going to engage. Im sorry things are difficult, I hope they get better, but the rules have been clearly explained to you. No one is an exception to those rules.

I wish you the best.

I thought I remembered you from before not wanting to take them.

It took me 5+ years to find Vraylar. I enjoy taking Vraylar. All the other ones I hated and they felt like hell.

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Yeah thanks for replying. I liked Aristada so dealing with the withdrawal is sort of annoying. The pros: more emotions, empathy, ability to cry and feel cons: fatigue, weight gain, body going numb and the roller coaster of side effects makes me simply question whether its worth it to continue on this path. Also with the stress of classes coming up Im not sure which is worse trying to get back on the high dose that i may be withdrawn from and start over or deal with what i have now.

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was hoping for some support ok

Dropping meds is a really bad idea unless you have a meaningful backup strat. Like some means of healing SZ or at least patching up the symptoms. Keto has some proof of resolving SZ symptoms, for example.

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nothing can replace the double dose of euphoria I think I was on happy pills oh wait maybe marijuana…

Gonna put that into the universe because everything else has failed me.

Marijuana is responsible for 50% of psychosis cases. CBD without THC can possibly resolve SZ symptoms, but therapeutic doses are very expensive. Studies call for around 800 mg a day, when a storebought vial contains like 1500 mg tops.

Wait, what? Fax machines? Are there any private citizens under the age of seventy who still owns one of these wretched things?

That’s what our Walgreens uses to get scripts from doctors, it’s annoying. They only do fax or paper RX…
We just had to contact corporate because I put in my request for refill on August 4th, hubby went to get it and the day they got it the store chief pharmacist only had 33 pills my ex is 60. And she didn’t call me to say anything, just put it as insurance problem then went on vacation. Husband, who never ever fights with the pharmacy, got the fill in to get it transferred to another walgreens 7 miles away, not 24 hours, and gave us all the info to give corporate. It’s my Xanax, I had 1 pill left and am on 4mg a day every day until some miracle AP comes out I can take.

We’re waiting for a call from corporate. Because the head ■■■■■ had already said she refuses to fill a lot of my meds as I’m too young for so much pain medication and there’s no way I have not been ok taking any of the AP, mood stabilizer, or AD’s I’ve ever been on.

She’s had over 500 complaints since taking over in June by the clinic I use for pain management and pdoc. They’ve told her to do her job she is not the doctor, her job is to fill what is prescribed, if she has questions she can contact docs, she will not do it, she chooses to yell at husband and I in front of the lobby loudly announcing nutjobs can’t have both severe pain issues and my documented allergies and reactions to meds.

So we’re fighting back, I recorded the last phone call and sent the recording to corporate, she was to be spoken to. She refused to serve me. Told the pharmacy techs not to, but I worked with one as a teen at mcd’s, so he does it anyway. He’s been cut to 4 hours a week, so he has a lawyer after them now. Justice in an old fashioned way. He agreed to write down everything on all dates she’s said something so I’ve got a witness.

In the US agencies still ask for docs to be faxed. It’s ridiculous and hard for people to do. At my library I had to learn to fax to help out people.

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