They say 15% of diagnosed kill themselves


I believe of those 15 % more kill themselves because of the way medication makes them feel than having symptoms.


An estimated 40 to 90 percent of patients with schizophrenia don’t take their medication as prescribed. [Morra-Carlisle, M. (2012, spring). Following the doctor’s orders: compliance is the surest way to get well. SZ magazine, 10 (2), 14-15.] - See more at:

I think it’s to escape their symptoms when the hope of recovery is lost.


No, in some cases what you are saying is complete ■■■■■■■■.

Without these possession pills i would have already been dead and in such a horrible way you just can’t imagine.

Twice they ran me across country and tormented me to the point of death, it was horrible, scary, and painful.

Some of us actually have a reason to take these things.


There are many factors that can contribute. First episode, concurrent disorders like depression and addiction, lack of support, poor insight and poor compliance with treatment.


Yeah it is a correct statistic. Within 30 years of diagnosis, 15% of us kill ourselves. Let’s be the 85% who don’t.


I wasn’t on meds at all when I made my attempt.


I think it runs deeper than that so many variables as to why a person may choose suicide.