They said try it

I missed like three weeks of groups because of problems with the insurance. Any way I asked that because I couldnt go pick my meds up that the prescriptions get sent to a closer pharmacy.

We came to a compromise. I get the meds from the same pharmacy ad before already sorted but they send out a month of med trays at a time to my house. They said try it for a month


well I hope it works out for you

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gee that sounds like a hassle every month to refill !! but you’ve had problems I know with running out of meds so maybe this will work for you…I get my meds refilled every three months…

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The medical services delivery is a dodgy thing all over the world. Seriously. You do what you can to make it simple for you because you’ll know it will be anything but. It sounds like some drama but I hope you sort it out and it works well for you.

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@Leaf and @jukebox I get. It refilled every month. My I’ve been trying to improve myself learn to do things myself.

@rogueone some drama at all angles. But I’m handling it’s ok. I thought about trying to be more independent.


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