They said i have an excuse

the extra people are here and only one of the adults has a job, his girlfriend doesn’t have a job, their oldest son who is 18 out of high school doesn’t have a job, their son’s girlfriend doesn’t have a job. they don’t pay rent they barely buy food usually one meal at a time per day. and junk food and soda for them. I know its hard to get a job but they aren’t even trying.

when I asked if I was like them because I don’t work either my mother in law and partner said I have an excuse. but I still feel bad. they said I help out a lot around the house and with the animals. but I bring in an income not much but something. they told me the electric/water bill is over five hundred dollars for last month

Oh my gosh every time I see your posts it just makes me angry. I wish you could get away from these toxic lazy people who use you as some kind of indentured servant!! Please please fight for independence, I can’t stand reading about you being stuck in these bad situations :cry:

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In Hebrew there is an expression לדון לכף זכות.
Don’t judge these people harshly because you don’t know what they are going through.
In any case if a person can’t work it is not a reason to throw him to the wolves and let him be homeless.
On the contrary, people who are able to function and work should take in such a person and care for him.
I don’t know what to do with a person who can work but doesn’t want to.
I don’t know in your case if they don’t work because they don’t want to or can’t
but in any case I think a person’s needs should be catered to regardless of whether they work,
even if they are “lazy” that’s legitimate.
Perhaps in the future food and housing will be free/basic income will be introduced and the problem
of people who don’t want to work will be solved in a favorable way.

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i told my therapist what they have been saying and she said i’m not ready to get a job until I address the negative side effects and cognitive side effects. she told me the voices may not be gone forever Haldol is a bandaid it helps heal but its not a cure.

Nothing in life is free, someone has to pay.
If your living for free, then someone is paying your share.

It’s not always about paying with money, because there are other things that are just as valuable, such as your time and effort.
Even if your totally disabled, you should still strive to do the best you able, and that for the time needed, is good enough.

No one should be considered worthless, but those that intentionally do less than they are able with no intent on ever improving, are not very nice to live with.

I do a lot for my in laws, and my partner. it seems like though the uncle and his family are just mooching off of us. three of their kids has adhd, two has speech problems, their youngest daughter is the one with bipolar with psychotic features and ODD. I know they have problems but they can rinse a freaking dish.

If someone can form a sentence that logical, as yours, then he doesn’t have any excuse not to work,earn and succeed in life.