They rejected Jesus

I think I found a kinship with him because of it. Great innovators are usually rejected at first. People don’t like change much. But the whole planet is changing. Change is inevitable.


Who is that?

Sorry, I thought everyone had heard of him.

They not only rejected them, they denied knowing them as the rooster crowed three times after Peter denied Jesus twice.

Those who follow Christ are going to follow Him no matter what people say or do. Jesus saved me from certain death and I owe Him my life.

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he was the original masochist

I don’t know @jukebox. Every man has a breaking point. In my most successful days, I felt in touch with Christianity but lost it all somehow. I can’t really identify the cause but it might have been a negative pdoc.

Christ in Heaven is something I think about often. I want my white robe.

Be honest, how many of you would ask that the people killing you be forgiven?


I’d rather they make their distance from me and somehow learn a value to life so that they wouldn’t want to do it again. A killer does not value life. I don’t think it’s possible for a man to say I can value my life but not yours. Killing backfires on people.

I have a white robe. The only time I wear it is right after I’ve showered. I never thought of the symbolism in that practice. Feeling clean is heavenly.

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Sorry to close this, but it’s the sort of topic that gets people worked up.