They put up a yard sign in my yard

I asked them to

It’s pretty close to my front door

but this is a cul de sac

so I’m basically do it for my neighbors

hope everyone on votes either early

or on the day

will be happy when the negative ads stop

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hey daze, idk what you are talking about but thats ok :joy: haha

what we voting for?

oh, I didn’t mean to get politically on our site,

but I guess I did.

House of Reps, Governor, and local seats.

i vote for you daze :wink: votes for daze haha

ha, you be all funny and sh=it

My daughter and I used to be into Pedro

what a great movie.

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I have my phone set so I don’t hear it ring, and I never set up voicemail for my phone, so when people call me it ends up just hanging up on them. Everyone who knows me, knows the only way to contact me is by sending me a text message because I hate talking on the phone. Anyways, I do get notified of missed calls, and lately I’m getting like 14 missed calls a day, and all of them are from political organizations. This election has been really aggressive.

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ohh, they’ve just texted me,

that’s about it, but I get a lot Facebook too.

Remember, they’re usually all volunteers.

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Yeah, they’re just doing their jobs. I don’t mind it. I just clear the missed calls from my phone and move on with my day. For some reason they haven’t been sending me texts, which is good.

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