They make up stories to

make me look stupid, saying: that’s why she does it. The person making up these stories is stupid. It doesn’t matter what happens, I don’t get crazy and do insane things. An obsessed idiot is trying to look like a saint at my expense. I don’t know what my responsibility is. Do I need to be homeless because people are obsessed with lying about me?

well, if it’s about mental illness, they’re not stories,
we Are.
but we’re not dangerous.

Well, it’s actually someone doing things and saying it’s me.

how’d you find that out? I’ve had this on the job,
saying I forged his name on the paperwork log.
I was forced to go into the office, accused of being a liar,
but He was the liar.
I made it there one year, then quit.

Sure its not a bit of the old paranoia creeping in a bit?

Just try to ignore it. The best piece of advice i give to all other Schizophrenics, is invest in a good set of blutooth noise-cancelling headphones. That way if your paranoid or anxious indoors or out, you can fck em off and listen to your tunes x


I don’t really want to go into details, because of people who could be reading things, but someone is obsessed with accusing me of things they do, trying to make it look like it’s because I’m crazy. They’re obsessed with screwing around with me and I’ve gotten good at avoiding things they do, which makes them mad.

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Yeah, that’s what I think as well.

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If it makes them mad - why should you care? The best thing you can do is totally Non-react. Sod them. Are you their keeper? Live your own life and dont bother about anyone else.

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When they get mad, they take it out on other people and say it’s you. I may say things, but they’re the ones doing irrational things and claiming I do these things because I’m stupid or crazy. The person who does, is extremely stupid and crazy.

What you are doing my dear mate, is ASSUMING what people are doing or thinking about you. You are not psychic or a mind reader. So dont bother with such things.