They make me feel like betrayer

When I think or talk to myself that I don’t like my country

They (voices) make me feel like betrayer

You all see ppl on media say we love our countries

They say you 'll become traitor one day and you ll be imprisoned for that

Try not to give your voices any power over you. Just remind yourself you’re basically dreaming while you’re awake. Don’t give it any more power than you’d give a dream.


No no who did you betray? But just remember did you stand with them, saying “you can’t hide under those sunglasses”, claiming to be good? If not you are clear.

I get this too. When I am not proud of my country, my voices tell me that I am worthless for thinking that way. I love my culture and my people- I just wish that people were kinder.

I ■■■■■ constantly about my country. I have valid points too. They respect that.

Jingoism is not smart. Have some depth.

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