They’ll insert a feeding tube

Sorry to hear you are hurting, hope this passes soon x

I took it out… :frowning:

Can you drink a protein shake or a high calorie shake? They sell them hear for underweight and malnutritioned people.

Yes I’ve tried but I vomit everything (not intentionally)

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Have your docs come up with a solution?

They’ll place a drip likely

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I hope things get better for you soon.

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”Funniest” thing is that I’m not even underweight :frowning:

They wont put it back for now @Bowens

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Lots of luck, crystal-cotton!
I have troubles swallowing food too in fact and when i am less stressed or less depressed, i eat easier. So stick to your docs too, be open with them too and about your worries. Meds help.

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Hugs, sending love

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I’m worried I’m gonna die
There likely was blood in my stool

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Maybe the tubes scratched you inside?

Pulling tubes out is a great way to get them to put you in restraints.


They said to me that they won’t put the tube in

Maybe, idk… i’m worried

It could be something totally normal did you try asking the nurse?

Nope but my mom told them

You gotta work with the doctors. Follow their directions. You have the right to ask questions and talk about whatever treatments they give/do, but you really need to try and agree with them.

If they thought a feeding tube was necessary, you should not have pulled it out. Maybe talk to them first before you take things into your own hands. You said it hurt; instead of pulling it out, you should’ve told them that it hurts. They may have been able to help you feel more comfortable.

What I’m trying to say, is that you need to be on their side. They are there to help you.

So, whatever comes next, just keep an open mind and discuss any worries you have. If you’re ever uncomfortable, confused, or upset, talk to your doctors. They want to help you feel better, so I’m sure they will try to work through things with you.

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I talked to them and they didn’t help me at all