They’ll insert a feeding tube

Help me I’m worried… :frowning:

I have been tube fed in two different hospitalizations. It saved my life both times. It IS unpleasant, but nothing to be scared about.


They haven’t done it yet? They sure are dragging it out.

Try not to get into an adversarial frame of mind over this. Show them that you are willing to work with them, and you’ll get through the unpleasantness quicker.


They did it now
It hurts

You’ll get used to it soon. They’re not fun going in, but stops hurting shortly.

When does it exactly stop hurting

I am not in your body, so I can’t tell you.

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Why do you need a feeding tube?

Can’t eat and I’m vomiting everything out

Best of luck with it, I hope you’re feeling better soon.

Swallowing hurts :frowning:

Oh you’ll get used to it @Crystal-Cotton
Nothing to worry about.

Feeding tubes save lives.

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Not my life, im dying

That doesn’t sound fun :disappointed:

I hope your body gets used to it and you start to feel more comfortable @Crystal-Cotton


I took it out :frowning:

You shouldn’t do that Crystal. Aren’t they just going to have to reinsert it again?

I know but it hurts like hell

sorry to hear that it’s hard =(

I’ve had them before. You can ask for a numbing medicine to numb your nose and back of the throat, that helps. Also, if they tape it up and to the side of your cheek, that will also feel better. Hugs that you have to go through this for sure.