They keep talking about me

When im in bed in the morning, my parents keep talking to each other in angry tones and i keep thinking they’re talking about me
My heart starts racing & i panic
I just want them them to stop talking every morning
This keeps happening
Like sometimes i’m in bed in the morning
And i can hear my mum talking in critical tone on the phone to one of her relatives
And i keep thinking she’s talking about me

I dont think my med dose is high enough for long enough yet
The pdoc did say
My current base dose is for mood disorder on quetiapine
This week i told the mental health service im linked with
That i was having constant thoughts of hurting ppl every day for days
They said they had advice from a senior doc to have quetiapine tablets PRN
And that makes it over 200mg a day finally
But that’s just been for the past two days that ive taken at 200mg a day
So i think that’s the problem
It’s been very hard
This been going on in various forms for over 5 weeks

I have my next appointment this thursday
They said they can transition to abilify too
Its a struggle
But wanna try and get through to thursday


Try to remain calm , and remember none are talking about you in the morning.
Then try to focus on other things like music or deep breathing.

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I appreciate a lot, i havent tried deep breathing at those times so i will try next time

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IDK, I don’t want to feed anyones delusions or cause you any trouble but maybe sometimes they are talking about you. Maybe they’re worried about you and that angry tone is just concern. I mean there’s a good chance I’m wrong, they could be discussing anything for all you know. For instance maybe they’re mad at each other or talking about money problems or problems with other people or neighbors. Who knows?

Maybe they are discussing you just occasionally and the rest of the time they are angry with their friends or other people. I could be wrong but you can’t do anything about it anyways so just relax and try not to work yourself up over it. As a last resort you could go to them and simply ask them if they are discussing you and if they are, tell them it is making you anxious. The best thing to do is to try and ignore it and just tune it out.

When I lived at home when I was younger and I was having problems I’m sure my parents had many discussions about what they were going to do with me.

I don’t want to worry you or cause you any problems but it’s normal for parents to be concerned about their children who are living with them and discuss their child sometimes.

Just keep telling yourself that you didn’t do or say anything wrong to be talked about to others.


Yeah i appreciate
I cant hear the exact words of what theyre saying but i keep thinking theyre talking about me because of their tone
It was causing me panic to want and confront them

Thanks a lot
I appreciate too

Hope you find the right meds

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