They just want me working

courts, doctors, priveledged, they just want me working for them. I don’t always feel like working. and I’ve already done my share of the work for a lifetime.

if your not working they want to wreck your sexual health and telepathic abilities with meds. I mean i was enjoying my time away from work.


I totally feel what you are saying. I don’t want to go back to work and feel like I have to. I wish if I could keep a job there was a way to just work and be off this stupid injection. But everytime I go off meds I get a psychotic episode and have to be hospitalized. I feel trapped. when I last saw my psychiatrist 2 years ago he was pressuring me to work. My new doctors doesn’t ask me about work, but when I have my disability review he will have to fill out the paper work. I just don’t know if I can handle the stress of working. I feel really stuck, and I have been getting lumps from the injection. I just want off it. Do you get any lumps from the injection? And where do you get yours injected, do you get it done at a mental health clinic. I get mine injected at my doctor’s office. I get it in the arms but they may have to switch it to my bottom. Do you get yours injected in the bottom? Sorry for all the questions. I hope I didn’t get off topic for this thread either.


Sometimes I think the government just wants mind numbed sheeple marching along to orders. I am easily controlled with meds that make me lazy and stupid


I’m on invega sustenna. The shot does hurt, but I have no choice. I was non compliant with oral meds before. I am still going to ask my psychiatrist if I can switch back to oral meds though.

Yes I think some people do not feel well enough to work and they shouldn’t. I used to be one of them. I had some jerk doctor like 9 years ago every time I went in there would ask me if I was still looking for a job part time. What companies I was applying to? I would totally lie to him and tell him I was looking for work when I wasn’t. I knew I wasn’t ready to work but I would totally lie to him to avoid an argument. Luckily he left and their were many reasons I should have gotten rid of him years earlier. But I was too vulnerable at the time to even think of getting rid of him. Don’t let anybody pressure you into working unless you feel ready.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I think if you are able to work you should.

I have 22 years of work history, and I figure on working for another 30 years, if I live that long. I often don’t feel like working, but I push myself to go. Not working is not an option for me.

Granted, once in a while I call off because I simply do not have it in me that day. Otherwise, I go to work, battle through my day, and do the best job I can.

I really think working can also be good for a person’s mental health, as it gives you some purpose and structure. I realize some people truly cannot work, especially if they have positive symptoms running rampant in them.


You probably should work if you can. But I know from a time ok the way I felt I just couldn’t. Some people may not feel well enough it totally depends.

You are probably high achieving anyways. You were gonna be a doctor.

I would love to work. My meds help a ton but I can’t seem to motivate myself or complete basic tasks. There’s something wrong inside my head. I know that. It could be an energy problem.

Off meds, i get really paranoid about not existing. I feel everything is an illusion; that nothing is real. Like everything I see is imaginary, running off some computer. I’m just information on a hard drive.

Then my mind runs on over drive. It leads to aliens.

Negative symptoms have kicked my a** at times.

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@November , yes I get the shots in my arms. they alternate arms every month, I haven’t noticed any lumps though I did get a rash once.

Okay thank you for answering.

I’ve done crap jobs all my life

and if they want me to drive 30 miles for 8 dollars an hour

maybe not worth it

I’m totally scared I’ll get bullied again

they told me at ticket to work I wasn’t qualified for the program

not sure, wish I could do something.

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are you in the hospital? are they allow to force you take meds? in Israel only if the court order you most take meds of the hospital

f**ck yee great word. Did you make it?

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I would take ola’s words about the situation in Israel with a grain of salt.

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I definitely agree with this.
They want us all working, and feeding their system. That’s all they care about, and will do everything to keep it that way.

I keep trying to work part-time jobs, myself. Then the paranoia eats me alive, and I’m being ambulanced for having panic attacks and fainting, on the job.

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fine. it’s still cool. and all you said ther.
i have a hadeck

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Thanks. Wat is a hadek?