They hire "anyone"

I am a little down right now after being rejected for my application full time to the warehouse. Even though I have prior experience working the seasonal shifts packing boxes efficiently, printing invoices, using the scanner and software, and the other job at the same place next season was putting away all the types of items in the right places around the warehouse. I did great at this job even though the manager never gave me a break or said I did well it was always not good enough, not fast enough, etc. I was trained on the spot the first day, I learned quickly and adapted having had no prior job experience. I am sick of being taken advantage of by managers who do nothing but criticize me for physical labor not being fast enough I have a muscle disorder and mental health disorder.

I didn’t even get an interview- I called and returned a voicemail apparently they are doing open interviews right now. They said someone will call me back ASAP. Wow, BS. I am not even going to bother, I feel so disheartened and unmotivated for trying trying trying for nothing. I am taking classes and struggling because the online format absolutely sucks. I read the material and know the information but the format is awful and nothing is interactive at all its completely self-taught basically just turning in assignments on time. No guidance, havent found out who my advisor is except the one on maternity leave may have been i dont know. Im so frustrated. Am I wasting my scholarships on two classes for the summer? I am now enrolled in five for the fall.

I dont want to give up on the future or success. I have never gotten much credit other than an A plus that amounts to a bunch of A’s that eventually were forgotten because I have bounced from course to course college to college and always had anxiety at finals and teachers never made accomidations.


Set backs are always to be expected

Not sure where you live, or if you can commute to a business centre, but I for example years ago started packing envelopes part time as a temporary employee, and 6 years later I was a Senior Insight Analyst

If you find the right entry level job in an organisation, if it’s big enough, they’re really driving at the moment to be more inclusive of people with disabilities.

It’s a hot topic at the moment.

My advice to you is to cast the net far and wide, and see what you get back.

Don’t focus on setbacks like this. I remember not getting several jobs, but although it knocks confidence, you just have to go on and find that opportunity

SZ is going to be hard to deal with whether you’re sat at home or working. To me it doesn’t matter so much, but I need a life balance these days - which is why I am self-employed now

Good luck @anon69073975 I am rooting for you


thanks for the encouragement! I just need to not let it overwhelm me and keep trying to reach out for help so I called the college and left a voicemail about work study or job opportunities. I think it would probably be the best to work at the college as opposed to a warehouse. It seems a more comfortable environment.

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I can’t reply any better than @Joker. I wholeheartedly agree

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It’s their loss at the end of the day. You seem like you’d be pretty good in many roles.

The reason I say this is that your post reflects a lot about you, and how much of a dedicated employee you’d be given a task

Please don’t give up. It’s a hard thing to solve, but the reward of getting there is priceless

Good luck


Don’t let it get you down. I am in a work programme and probably sent in over 50 applications to different places. I got to a interview once and then didn’t get the job.

But it’s hard times. My work councelor told me there were several hundred applicants for each job and on top of everything corona made it so that there were more applicants than usual.

I believe I will get a job though eventually. And so will you as long as you keep at it.

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Don’t worry about it. I applied to McDonald’s twice and couldn’t get a job.

You’ll find one in time


I don’t think I’ll ever be an actuary even if I could pass a few tests and do the work, they probably wouldn’t hire me. Maybe without schizophrenia I could do it, but not anymore. I just feel like actuarial science is the perfect job for me because I like probability.

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Good news they just called and I scheduled an interview for tomm. Not even nervous. I applied to both work study and this job for weekends. Weekends would be best part time. Less stress.


Trying to send you good vibes @anon69073975!



d00d. Stop wearing your dog to interviews.

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I was wearing my dog and ma plum smugglers :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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