They give me a sucker to transfer bugs to other container

I’m glad I went to the interview today! Although I remember just now that i have answered a question incorrectly. And i caught only 2 bugs with the sucker when they asked me to catch 5 in 20 seconds. I think the interview and the job are within my level of reach I am having a lot of fun. Instead of being too stressed out, i find myself giving good answers. Too bad I’ve answered a question incorrectly.

I would wait for the next time they have openings again. It is still possible, though slow.


Oh my…proof you’re human after all. :wink:

Wish someone would give me a job to suck bugs out of a container…Where do I apply?
(Note* I say congratulations on an interview well done, and am serious, about getting paid to do that- it sounds fun! But why, may I ask, did they ask you to suck bugs out of a container?

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It’s a position of student pest control assistant. Would do mosquitoes survey and rats survey. Mom said they’re doing that to test if u are afraid of bugs. I guess it might be a similation task to do on the job. Yes I’m having a lot of fun.

Wow, that sounds like my dream job. I love animals and nature, getting out in the field. Good luck…

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They say a lot of outdoor work and got to hike/walk in the remote area where no car can reach. Looks attractive to me but it would be not easy in the summer. It’s very hot here summer like 33-34 degree celcius. Actually I want to make this a target job and train myself fit for the job again. I want to make hiking my hobby again.


One must always develope efficient and healthy bug transference capabilities.

Go for it goggles.i hope this time you can get full time job.

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Moved to school and work

And congratulations on the interview! Regardless of whether you get the job or not, you’ve accomplished something great! And you have officially sucked up more bugs with a vacuum than I ever have.

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