They fuc*ing let me alone!

For a short while…………… I finally made it back to my support group. When I got home, I walked in and I had space! It was like getting a drink of cold water after crawling through the dessert four years. It was such a relief. Like pulling a drowning man from a swimming pool.

Space! It didn’t last. But I crave it. No mind games, magic, intimidation, trickery, no one in my head, no feeling the usual feeling of perpetually having my back up against the wall. I don’t know how I live like this.

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You should get noise cancelling headphones. I love my Bose Quietcomfort 20s, they block out most of the mumbly noise ■■■■■■■■. Some stuff gets in, but only if my earbuds are loose.

Good idea but I know these people. If I can’t hear them and they realize it, they will throw their damn selves into my apartment like a ventriloquist throwing his voice and it will help them. You guys would be paranoid too if you lived like this for two years straight.

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